FEC123 Dec 21, 2015

123 by mp236 @ 10:52 with 815, 814lhf & 412.  Ft Laud consist, West Palm drop, 412 and remainder  going into FO.  Very long train @ 13,500 and taking about 5 minutes to pass Indrio Team Track.
Anita and Caboose

My 224 swaps with 123 Sunday night/Monday morning. We ended up swapping with 123 at close to 8am at Titusville and then got relieved just south of Vero Bech at the 233 mp.

You stopped on a single track to get relief and we were waiting, but could not figure out what took so long.  So, it would have been Highlands Dr.  We were waiting with sparklers lit!!!
Anita and Caboose

FEC123 Dec 21, 2015 vid link:

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